Friday, May 22, 2009

Library Resources - Meeting Rooms

Are you in charge of a community group or need a place to have a bridging ceremony for your Girl Scout troop? All of the libraries in the Las Vegas Clark County Library District have meeting rooms available for rent. You can find the information about each meeting room by first clicking on the Locations and Hours link on the front page of our website. Once you get there, choose the library at which you would like to have a meeting, say for instance, the Sunrise Library.

On each of the separate library pages, there will be a link called Auditorium, study room, story room, gallery. This page actually has a lot of historical and architectural information about the libraries. You can see when the library was built, who the architect, how many parking spaces the library has, and the square footage of the meeting spaces.

Each of the libraries as a scheduling and production services staff person who will assist you with reservations, prices and accommodations available. Many of the libraries have kitchens attached to the meeting room that makes preparing and serving refreshments easy. The prices for the meeting rooms are very reasonable and you couldn’t ask for a better venue than your public library!

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