Sunday, May 24, 2009

Library Resources - GLBT Info Guide

Did you know that the Library's website has a large selection of Infoguides? InfoGuides highlight relevant library materials and services, online databases and local community resources for each diverse topic covered. They are prepared by Library District staff members.

The month of June is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender month and the Infoguide has been recently updated with some great information!

One of the great books I was able to find is The Riddle of Gender by Deborah Rudacille. The author of "The Scalpel and the Butterfly" offers a timely examination of the transgender movement that calls into question some of the most fundamental assumptions about gender identity.

I also included a lot of books for younger audiences. There are picture books, easy readers, chapter books and young adult books. Of course, And Tango Makes Three is on the list, but other less known books included are The Sissy Duckling and It’s Okay to be Different.

There are a large number of selections especially for the teen audience. I was especially intrigued by Empress of the World by Sara Ryan. This groundbreaking novel tackles teen sexuality head on. Nicola Lancaster spends a summer at a program for gifted youths who live like college students for eight weeks. During that time, Nic becomes friends with beautiful blonde Battle Hall Davies. She's everything that Nic isn't, but startlingly, the two soon become more than friends.

We have also added some great new websites and resources to the info guide. is a news source that specifically targets stories pertinent to the GLBT community. We Are Family is a social connection website for GLBT parents and soon-to-be parents and their families that provides activities both for education and fun. The Medline Plus link offers a special page because gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals have special health concerns besides the usual ones that affect most men and women. On this page you'll find information about these specific health issues.

I hope you take time to explore all the information that we have made available on this great infoguide!

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