Thursday, May 14, 2009

Library Event – Climbing Family Trees

If you are ready to take a journey to your family’s past, then please join us for a beginner’s workshop on Heritage Hunting. Author Tracey B. Long who co-authored the book Climbing Family Trees will be teaching you how to start the sometimes complicated task of putting together your family history.

When: Thursday, May 14th at 7:00pm
Where: Clark County Library
Venue: Jewel Box Theater

This will be a high energy, fun presentation that will teach you how to “get a leg up,” “branching out” and “going out on a limb.” We expect this to be a popular event, so be sure to come early. If you are unable to make this class, there are going to be two more workshops this month:

When: Sunday, May 17th at 4:00pm
Where: West Charleston Library
Venue: Conference Room

When: Saturday, May 23rd at 2:00pm
Where: Spring Valley Library
Venue: Conference room

Come rest with us under the shade of the info tree before you begin your own climb!

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