Monday, May 11, 2009

Heroes of the Valley

Halli Sveinsson is not your typical child of the valley. He still believes in the old ways of honor and revenge. When his beloved uncle is murdered in front of him Halli takes matters into his own hands which leads him down a path he would have never suspected.

Title: Heroes of the Valley
Author: Jonathan Stroud
ISBN: 978-1423109662
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

The world of Halli Sveinsson is split into thirteen houses, each one with their own hero. Halli's hero is Svein, the greatest hero of them all. He grows up hating his parents' traditions (as many of us do) and wishing that he could have lived in the heroes' time. When he meets Aud of Arne's house at one of the yearly gatherings, Hallis' life changes. She does not believe the troll stories and desperately wants to escape the boundaries of the Cairnes. After Halli inadvertently avenges his uncle, the house of Hakon comes after him. The epic battle at the end leads Halli and Aud to the answers they have so desperately been seeking but they aren't what they expected them to be.

I really like this book but the end wasn't what I was hoping for. The story of Halli and Aud sort of drift off but perhaps this means that another book is in the works. The world of Halli and Aud are what I would imagine the Vikings to have lived in our own ancient times. It is an interesting comparison and reflection on our world and how far we have come since those ancient times.

Author Read-alikes: Shannon Hale, Jenny Nimmo, G.P. Taylor,

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