Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cookbook Review - Food 2.0

In his trendy new cookbook, Food 2.0, Charlie Ayers, who started as the chef for Google when it was just a start up company with only 40 employees which eventually grew to 1500 employees, brings you healthy and environmentally conscience recipes in a beautifully photographed volume.

Title: Food 2.0
Author: Charlie Ayers
ISBN: 9780756633585
Genre: Nonfiction - Cookbook

After he completed school and worked in several upscale restaurants in the New England Area, Chef Charlie came to California to experience new tastes and ingredients. He landed a job catering for the Grateful Dead, and during that time he helped with many other concert productions. However, he really blossomed as a 2.0 chef when he won the cooking contest that gave him the job at Google.

His bosses at Google gave him free range, but demanded good and fast food for their employees. He came up with recipes that were not only healthy and environmentally conscience, but also provided the employees with the energy they needed to work in highly demanding environment.

Chef Charlie has written his book to teach how to eat more organically, with recipes that are easy and quick to prepare, yet full of energy to get you through the day. He offers advice on shopping, storing and eating raw as well as cooked foods. The recipes are not complicated and there is a wide variety of foods that are certain to be pleasing to a wide audience. My only criticism of the book is that the recipes don’t come with nutritional values listed. I would definately recommend this book if you are interested in learning to eat healthier and higher energy food.

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