Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Asian Culture Festival Review

I was lucky enough to make it to the Clark County Library to take part in the Asian Culture Festival this last Saturday, 9th of May. Over 900 people attended! There were lots of fun things to do for children and adults alike. Several of the booths were teaching Origami and I had a blast watching kids play Pineapple bowling! There were also Manga coloring sheets as well as several different Anime Screenings.

There was yummy food available as well as hula and kick boxing demonstrations in the courtyard. In the large conference center there was a display of Dongba Painting by Mingjun Liu (which is still on display at the Clark County Library) and Hayao Miyazaki/ Studio Ghibli Movie Poster Art. My favorite poster was from Princess Mononoke.

I felt especially fortunate, however, to witness the Chinese Tea Ceremony, by the Shanghai Tea Institute. The beautiful tea specialist performed the Dai People’s Puer tea ceremony. It was the Chief Clay Pot tea ceremony specifically, which is reserved for visiting nobles. The announcer gave a little history of the Dai region of China as well as explained each step of the tea ceremony. He said that Puer tea is the oldest form of tea in the world.

If you weren’t able to come to the festival, but still want to take part in the Asian Pacific Heritage month celebrations, you can join us for the following events that are listed in our Events and Exhibits section!

May 14th - Celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month storytime
May 16th - Wonderland Karate demonstration (as well as future dates
May 19th - A is for Asia Storytime (as well as future dates)
May 23rd - Ancient Art of Origami Storytime
May 27th - Luau Celebration Storytime
May 31st - Takako Hasegawa Music Recital

We would like to thank all the organizations that helped make this event possible, as well as the library staff and volunteers for all their hard work!

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