Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday’s New DVD releases

Every Tuesday we get the newest DVD releases and you can request them! These titles are usually very popular, so be sure to get your requests in early! Check the Library Catalog and add these popular titles to your book bag. See the bottom of the post for the answer to last week's contest!

Here are the releases for next week, the 28th of April!

Bride Wars - Anne Hathaway. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway star as Emma and Liv, best friends who become worst enemies when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day. Competing for guests, venues and staff, these two go on a ruthless rampage toward matrimony.

Hotel for Dogs - Emma Roberts. Placed in a foster home that doesn't allow pets, 16-year-old Andi and her younger brother, Bruce, turn an abandoned hotel into a home for their dog. Soon other strays arrive, and the hotel becomes a haven for every orphaned canine in town.

The Univited - Emily Browning. Based on Kim Jee-Woon's 2003 Korean horror film, “Changhwa Hongryon,” “The Uninvited” revolves around Anna (Emily Browning), who returns home after spending time in the hospital following the tragic death of her mother.

This week's release with the most requests: The Wrestler with 507 requests!

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