Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thirteen Reasons are not Enough!!

Imagine that you are the quintessential high school student. Alienated and dragging around an undeserved "loose" reputation along with you to school every day. Is suicide the answer? It is for Hannah Baker but after you listen to her thirteen reasons, you realize that not only do our actions affect people in unfathomable ways but that you could have saved her.

Title: Thirteen Reasons Why
Author: Jay Asher
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

This story is edgy and unusual, which is what attracted me to it in the first place. Hannah Baker has just committed suicide and as you can imagine her classmates are reeling from the news. Little do they know that thirteen of them will be receiving cassette tapes that chronicle her life and explain why she choose to end her life. The story is told by Clay Jenkins, who was in love with Hannah, though she never knew it. As you listen to each tape you can see the downward spiral and at each turn see how a small shift could have prevented her suicide. This is not a happy book and it certainly makes you contemplate life in a different light. Though everyone has had despairing thoughts, we all don't contemplate ending our lives. Thirteen Reasons Why is not for the faint of heart and it will change the way you see the world (in a good way despite its appearances). I would recommend this book to anyone (15 and older) who like me are intrigued by the plot and wonder what reasons someone would give for justification to end their life.

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