Friday, April 24, 2009

Mystery Book Review – Bad Blood

Alexandra Cooper watched in horror as her prime witness in her murder case against Brendan Quillian just admitted that she slept with the defendant. Brendan Quillian was up for murder in the strangulation death of his wife Amanda and Alex had been working on the case and her star witness for months. Yet, this juicy piece of information had never surfaced before the defense attorney brought it out. Alexandra was furious!

Title: Bad Blood
Author: Linda Fairstein
ISBN: 9780743287487
Genre: Mystery

Linda Fairstein’s Bad Blood is the ninth book in her courtroom mystery series starring Manhattan prosecutor Alexandra Cooper. Both the murderer victim and the accused are part of New York’s high society. Secrets such as extra-marital affairs are kept well hidden. Despite the fact that the defense attorney just ruined her best witness and her snitch has been brutally attacked in prison, Alex is confident that she can still prove that Brendan Quillion ordered his wife’s murder.

The plot thickens as a huge water tunnel explosion causes the death, reportedly of Duke Quillion, one of the tunnel diggers that built the underground city that makes up the subway, sewer and water tunnels of New York. As more information about the explosion is discovered, Alex comes to find out that the defendant is actually part of this generation’s long tradition of family tunnel diggers, a fact that was previously unknown. Added to that, is the cold case of a teenager’s strangulation death that Brendan’s name is mentioned in.

I actually listened to this book on CD and very much enjoyed it. The mystery genre is not one that I usually dabble in, mainly because of the temptation to read the end of the book before you are ready. This, of course, can’t happen in audio, so I was forced to be patient and wait until the end. I thought the characters were very well developed, even though most readers had eight books before this to become familiar with them. I thought the storyline was exciting and suspenseful. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a mixture between a courtroom drama and a fast paced mystery.

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