Friday, April 10, 2009

Library Event - Save the Planet: Murder in the Keys.

The Spring Valley Library is proud to present the 3rd interactive murder mystery as part of the Reading Las Vegas activities. Highly popular, this year’s story is Save the Planet: Murder in the Keys.

Saturday, April 11th 7pm
Spring Valley Library 507-3821
Sign-ups required/ Over 18 only

At a party in the library for a famous local denizen, Ernie Hammyweight, the partygoers find that Ernie has been murdered. They follow the detectives along a trail of clues and an array of eccentric suspects to interrogate.

The evening concludes with the solution from groups comprised of the audience/participants followed by each suspect giving his/her solution.

Library murder mysteries require a purchased script (this author is Ted Kavich), and a small budget for things like props, costumes, decorations, door prizes, snacks, and bottled water. And last, but certainly not the least, one must consider the volunteers and staff needed for the preparation and presentation of the event. As this is Spring Valley’s 3rd time around, producing interactive murder mysteries is now familiar and streamlined, enabling us to enjoy the event with the patrons even more.

This is a fun, 3 hour evening for staff and patrons. It is a good way to involve the community and fulfill our mission to bring programming that attracts user participation.

Ann-Marie White, Apprentice Librarian

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