Saturday, April 11, 2009

E2: the economies of being environmentally conscious

Going with the Reading Las Vegas environmental theme this year, I want to highlight the PBS E2 series. E2 focuses on “the economies of being environmentally conscious.” Narrated by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, the series is now in its third season. The library owns all three on DVD.

The series highlights ways that communities and businesses around the world are working to preserve natural resources and help to reduce carbon emissions. So far the series has featured sets of 6 episodes on design, energy, and transport, with programs on water, food, and cities planned.

Especially memorable episodes include:
  • The Green Apple on the new Bank of American tower in New York City designed to LEED Platinum standards.
  • Harvesting the Wind on how farmers in the upper Midwest are supplementing their incomes by building wind towers on their property.
  • Gray to Green on a Boston contractor reusing salvaged bridge beams in residential construction.
  • Seoul: the stream of consciousness on how Seoul, South Korea dismantled a freeway to restore a stream running through the city.

I highly recommend this series!

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