Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book Review - Pete & Pickles

Pete & Pickles
Berkeley Breathed

Pete is a predictable, practical, and totally uncomplicated pig. His days are perfectly planned around commemorating his beloved late wife's (Paprika Pig's) memory. Which is why it's so disturbing when Pete discovers an elephant in his bedroom, wearing only a lampshade.

Pete remorselessly surrenders the pleading pachyderm to the pursuing circus trainers, and thinks no more about the inconvenient incident. Until...

What follows is a hilarious, breathtaking, exhausting, and amazing story about taking chances, trust and friendship.

Like a lot of other people, I was distressed when Berkely Breathed finally and irrevocably ended the run of Opus the Penguin. I'd followed Opus through Bloom County, Outlands, and finally through the Sunday comic strip Opus. I wept when the last strip was published - both because it was so perfect, and because it was the end. One of the reasons Breathed gave for ending Opus was so he could pay more attention to this book - Pete & Pickles. for that reason alone, I had to read the book. On one hand, I've always loved all of Breathed's books. On the other, I was miffed that this caused the end of Opus.

I adored Pete & Pickles.

The artwork is complicated and entertaining. It's always important to watch Breathed's backgrounds, and this book is no exception.

The silliness level is right at Breathed's peak. Breathed has a quirky and delightful sense of humor, and the entire book showcases this.

Oh, but the story... It's incredible. I want to be there!

Every child will adore this book because it's funny and weird and kooky. Parents will love it for the same reasons, and will appreciate the story for its fun-loving freedom and amazing love and family emphasis.

There is no downside to this book.

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