Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Review - The Modern Scholar Lectures

I love Geoffrey Chaucer...yes, I will admit it that I am a nut about his literature, his life and his times. The Canterbury Tales are probably my favorite piece of literature, period. He may not be your favorite, but in case you wanted to learn more about him and his literature, I have a great suggestion for you!

We have an Audio series that is available both on CD and downloadable e-Audio called The Modern Scholar presented by Recorded Books. There is not only a course on Chaucer called Bard of the Middle Ages, but there are 109 other titles on CD alone. NetLibrary has 54 titles that can be downloaded not only on regular mp3 players but now they can be played on an iPod too!

The courses are taught by University professors from all over the country and are usually outstanding in their field. They are typically 14 lectures on 7 CDs and there is even a course guide booklet included. The Modern Scholar website usually has a final exam that you can take if you like, but that feature is currently not available.

The subjects available are very diverse. They go from Astronomy and The Bible as literature to the decline and fall of Rome and global warming. I just recently listened to the Chaucer lecture again and immensely enjoyed it. I have also listened to ones about the roots of fantasy literature, Shakespeare, Greek architecture and theater and Medieval literature. My next course is going to be Astronomy and then possibly history of the English language.

I use the CDs in my car for my drive back and forth to work, but my work partner downloads them on his mp3 player. I highly recommend them to you in either form!

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