Saturday, March 28, 2009

What happens when they go missing........

Rhonda, Peter and Lizzy were childhood friends who did everything together. Rhonda never got over Peter and Lizzy (Peter's little sister) disappearance when they were in high school. When a new disappearance happens in the small town of Pike's Crossing Rhonda is obsessed with finding the little girl as it reminds her of Lizzy. The only problem is that a giant white rabbit stole the little girl.

Title: Island of Lost Girls
Author: Jennifer McMahon
ISBN: 9780061445880
Genre: Mystery

Rhonda is present at the gas station when the little girl is stolen and she does nothing. Later, she feels like she should have saved the little girl and is determined to find her and the people responsible for taking her. The number one suspects are Rhonda and her childhood love Peter. During her investigation she meets a new love and comes to gripes with her old love Peter, learning more about him and his family then she ever imagined. Ultimately, the novel is about childhood trauma; how we deal with it as children and how that affects us in adulthood.

I really liked the symmetry that the author created between the present (the investigation), the past (Rhonda's childhood) and the world of Rabbit Island (where the missing girl played with her white rabbit abducter). It isn't a happy book but it makes me think about my past and how it shaped my future. I can't say that the book was suspenseful because you spend the book knowing something bad happened to the little girl who was abducted. However, when you learn who it is in the end, its shocking. The author does a fantastic job weaving the picture of Pike's Crossing, a sleepy mountain town. Growing up in small town myself I can imagine how something so horrible would affect such a close knit community.

Author Read-alikes: Jodi Picoult, Diane Setterfield, Vendela Vida

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