Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paranormal Bender Tour Review

I enjoyed eclectic evening in the Jewel Box Theater as the authors of the Paranormal Bender Tour visited the Clark County library last night. Presented by the amazing Vicki Pettersson, the four paranormal authors regaled us with stories of their inspirations, beginnings as writers and their worst book signing experience.

Each author started by introducing themselves and their new books. Three of the writers are part of a writing group called Team Seattle and the fourth, Mario Acevedo was invited along to pay for gas on their road trip across the west! That Impala was certainly a gas hog!

Caitlin Kittredge who is the author of Second Skin was the youngest on the tour. She explained that she was inspired to do Paranormal/Urban fantasy because as a child she read a lot of horror and fantasy books. As a teen, she started including comic books into her reading and from this background she started blending fantasy elements with a contemporary setting and came up with werewolf detectives in an urban setting. She said that she was especially influence by the movie “Watcher in the Woods” which frightened her terribly.

Mario Acevedo was the only author not from Seattle, he hails from Colorado. He decided to become a writer when he picked up a bad book from his local library and decided that he could write better. Seventeen years later he started actually selling his books. His favorite genre of books to personally read is mysteries and he was influenced by the “Wizard of Oz” when he was young. He told a story about a terrible signing when no one actually showed up and he had to approach people in the bookstore to buy his books.

Cheri Priest was brought up in a very religious household and rebelled against this by reading classic horror. She was brought up in the south, mainly Tennessee and her first books were written in the Southern Gothic style, especially the book “Four and Twenty Blackbirds.” Apparently, people in Tennessee especially love it when authors write about their region and thus threw her a huge party when one of her books came out and got her quite drunk on champagne. This was her worst signing because after several hours of drinking, a television crew came and caught her at her worst. She especially likes to read non-fiction books such as true crime and history.

Mark Henry whose new book “Road Trip of the Living Dead” writes especially nasty and graphic books and couldn’t read any passages to the crowd…but he was not at all daunted by this. A wry sense of humor, he explained that his mother threw him a party when he was in 5th grade and showed “Night of the Living Dead.” While the other parents weren’t too happy with this, the kids ate it up. He knew that he always wanted to write about zombies, but needing a niche, he came up with his glamour zombie girls who have an excellent skin regime.

All four authors were very engaging and generously signed books afterward. It was an event that I was lucky to have attended. The audience had a blast!

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