Tuesday, March 17, 2009

October Urban Fiction Author - Pearl Cleage

Title: Babylon Sisters
Author: Pearl Cleage
Genre: Urban Fiction

The Urban fiction Author for the month of October is Pearl Cleage.

Catherine Sanderson has it all: a fulfilling career helping immigrant women find jobs, a lovely home, and a beautiful daughter on her way to Smith College. What Catherine doesn't have is a father for her child, or good answers for Phoebe's probing questions. And B. J., the only man she's ever loved, doesn't even know about Phoebe.

But now B. J., a renowned reporter, is back in town, and he needs Catherine's help in cracking the story of a female slavery ring operating on the streets of Atlanta. Though eager to help, Catherine is fearful over the confession she knows she must make - to him and their daughter. Fearful, too, of the sudden interest her newest client, the icy Miss Mandeville - a housekeeper turned tycoon - shows in Catherine's connection to B. J. What follows rocks Catherine's world - and the entire city of Atlanta.

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