Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love in the Library: Witches, Banchees and Vampires Oh My!!!

Rachel Morgan: white witch, demonic student and friend to vampires, ghosts, pixies and elves. Yes, her life is complicated. She is constantly being pursued by dead vampires (rather than friendly alive ones), banshees, and the IS (Interlander Security). In this episode Rachel is trying to save people from a homicidal banshee child, find the vampire who killed her love, Kisten (also a vampire) and somehow save a ghost (literally) from her past.

Title: White Witch, Black Curse
Author: Kim Harrison
ISBN: 9780061138010
Genre: Paranormal Romance

This installment of the Rachel Morgan series find Rachel in the same place she is usually in, trouble. Mourning the loss of Kisten, her true vamp love, she is determined to find his killer. The only problem is she has lost her memory thanks to her faithful sidekick Jenks, who thought she would be better off not remembering that night. On top of that she is worried about being shunned as a black witch for her dealings with her favorite demon, Al. In the midst of her usual chaos, Rachel begins to help the FBI track down a banshee who has been killing innocent people (by sucking out their souls). I know what you’re thinking could Rachel’s life get any more complicated? The answer is yes, it could and it will. Enter Pierce, her ghostly first love, sort of. They met when she was starting out as a witch, when she was eighteen and she saved him from certain doom. Now he’s back and her demon is taking an unnatural interest in him. What’s a witch to do?

I love this series, Kim Harrison does an amazing job of keeping each installment of The Hollows (7th in the series) as riveting as the next, with poor Rachel Morgan caught in the supernatural crosshairs. Rachel is a confident yet vulnerable woman who we can all identify with. The story draws you into an alternate view of the world and makes you wish that you could experience that world for yourself, despite the dangers. I do wish that the author would let Rachel have a little lasting happiness as it seems that she continues to find love and lose it again in increasingly horrible way. If this series sounds like something you want to try start with Dead Witch Walking; to see the full series list visit Kim’s listed above.

Author Read-alkies: Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Lyndsay Sands

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