Monday, March 16, 2009

Love in the Library - Under the Blood Red Moon

Are you waiting to meet the perfect man, someone who understands your need for individuality in the repressive 1800s? That's exactly what Angelica Belnov is waiting for, the man who can appreciate her for herself, a beautiful Russian telepath. Alexander is that man, he seems different than the rest, supernaturally so.

Author: Mina Hepsen (debut author)


Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance

Angelica Belanov is a beautiful Russian girl looking for a husband, a rich husband to save her family from ruin. Though she has no lack of suitors, she cannot seem to find anyone suitable. This is mostly due to the fact that she can read their minds. The ability is something she was born with and though it is amazing, she tends to see it as an obstacle. While dancing with your gentleman friend at a ball you get to enjoy the music and the warm smile with the added bonus of hearing what he would like to do to you if given the chance. Understandable Angelica cannot imagine herself married to any of the men she meets as they all seem to have one thing on their minds, sex. Things change when she meets Alexander, a sexy vampire who not only can read her mind but can talk to her telepathically. Angelica is intrigued and despite Alexander's efforts she cannot stay away from him.

I picked up this book at the library one day (by chance) and once I started reading it, I could not put it down. The saga of Alexander and Angelica is a timeless story of forbidden love. Though I call this a paranormal romance, there aren't a lot of graphic scenes. This is the authors debut novel and it is one the best paranormal romances I have ever read. Her story focuses on love, in the purest form that can overcome all obstacles. I found the book to be uplifting but laced with the intrigue and danger of vampires and forbidden desires. The only way this book could be better is if there is a sequel in the works!! As far as this book goes, it is probably a read once only kind of book.

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