Sunday, March 22, 2009

Library Resources - Special Collections

Did you know that many of the libraries in the Las Vegas Clark County Library district have special collections of books and materials that are available to you? It may be something that you walk by every time you visit and aren’t even aware of what it is! Well, that is all about to change as I highlight these collections for you to explore.

I have been getting several questions both in email and on our live chat service about grants and scholarships. Most of the libraries have books that you can check out and search for personal grants and scholarships. If you are looking for a grant to start up a new business you can also check out the Small Business Administration website for helpful resources. Students looking for educational grants should start with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) which looks very daunting at first. Stick to it though, and you will find help, just like I did for my Master’s program.

But, if you looking for a grant for your non-profit organization, take a trip over to the Clark County library and visit the Funding and Grants Collection, a part of the Foundation Center's Cooperating Collection Library. One of the requirements for this collection is providing an expert who can help non-profit groups get started on their funding quest.

Beside the printed material that we have available, the librarian will teach you how to use the Foundation Directory Online database to locate funding information. She also holds classes on non-profit topics throughout the year at Clark County Library. Keep an eye on the Events page for these classes.

The printed materials for this collection are in our Reference department located on the 2nd floor of the Clark County Library. You will need to make an appointment for access to the computer database and the grant expert will take time to teach you how to use the database. The phone number for the reference department is 507-3421.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of grant and scholarship scams out there right now. If you are searching, be sure to be careful to watch for either government websites or non-profit websites with the .org extension. If they are asking for money to help you, you will know they are scamming you!

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Government websites usually have a .gov ending