Saturday, March 14, 2009

Books, Movies and More!!!

If you ever wondered to yourself..."Hmm...I wonder what new Mysteries are coming out this month?" then I have a fantastic resource from the Las Vegas Clark County Library that you may not know about!

Books, Movies and More is a section of our website that lets you browse through lists of new and favorite items that are grouped by genre. Each month the staff at the Virtual Branch compiles these lists from several different sources. We recieve a list from our Collection Development department that tells us what new books we purchased. We then compile a list for you so that you can find what is new in your favorite Genre.

We develop a list called What Las Vegas is Reading that will let you know exactly which books and movies your neighbors find the most interesting every month. The staff also works hard to put together new lists of specific subjects of books and movies you might not have known that we own that we call Favorites. There is even a list of Authors Visits that are coming to your local library with a list of their books so that you can check them out before you come to listen to them!

The exciting part of this page is that you can sign up to be emailed this information! This list is kept private and never sold, so feel confident in adding your name to the lists your are interested in. In feature blogs I will be highlighting some of the specific lists for you that are especially good.

My favorite this month is the Crafts list under Favorites. I created the list to highlight Calligraphy which is on of my personal crafts. I hope you give it a try and check out some of these books at your local library!

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