Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 19 April 2014 through Friday 25 April 2014:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)
    Saturday 4/19/2014:
Clar, County Library: Drama del la Pasion de Jesus Nazaret
Summerlin Library: Book Chat Cafe
West Las Vegas Library: For Teens: Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament
    Sunday 4/20/2014:
The Library is CLOSED to celebrate Easter Sunday
    Monday 4/21/2014:
Sahara West Library: Longevitology - Energy Healing
Sahara West Library: Yoga Flexibility and Balance Class
    Tuesday 4/22/2014:
Clark County Library: Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou: Dietrich Arrives in America - Shanghai Express
Laughlin Library: Blood Drive with United Blood Services
Las Vegas Library: For Teens: Bubbling Lava Lamp
Whitney Library: Creativity and the Word: A poetry performance with Lee Mallory
West Las Vegas Library: For Teens: Teen TechArt Studio: Multimedia Extravaganza
    Wednesday 4/23/2014:
Clark County Library: Munch and Mingle for Non-Profits
Summerlin Library: Mid-Week Movie Madness: DUMA
    Thursday 4/24/2014:
Clark County Library: OutWest @ the library: Diversity Day - a staged reading
Enterprise Library: For Teens: Teen Zone Lockdown
Sahara West Library: Longevitology for Beginners and Intermediates
West Las Vegas Library: For Teens: Teen TechArt Studio: Multimedia Extravaganza
Windmill Library: eMedia Downloading 101
    Friday 4/25/2014:
Laughlin Library: Film: Delivery Man
Rainbow Library: For Teens: Club Otaku
Sahara West Library: Longevitology for Beginners and Intermediates

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 22 April 2014:

Bettie Page Reveals All
An intimate look at one of the world's most recognized sex symbols, told in her own words for the first time, impoverished southern family, to high school salutatorian, to scandalous '50s pin-up model, to shocking retirement in 1957 at the peak of her modeling career. With a stunning array of gorgeous photographs, unusual archival material, and playful movie footage.
Big Bad Wolves
A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings; a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.
Chinese Zodiac
Asian Hawk is a master adventurer tasked with retrieving lost bronze heads, originally a part of an ancient Chinese collection of zodiac busts. While wealthy entrepreneur Lawrence dangles an enormous reward for such a find, Hawk deploys his array of high tech devices as he travels the world to help unearth the missing relics. Caught between a monster payday and the restoration of China's past, Hawk jumps into battle, using his death-defying skills to help thwart Lawrence's destructive plans.
Cloud 9
Kayla Morgan is the queen of snowboarding in Summit Valley, until she's kicked off her top-ranked team and winds up in the doghouse, literally, when she is forced to work after school at Hot Doggers Kennel alongside former champion snowboarder Will Cloud. Injured in a humiliating wipeout that resulted in the nickname 'Epic Fail,' Will has totally lost his confidence. Nevertheless, Kayla begs him to train her to pull off his signature move, the 'Cloud 9.'
Corazon Indomable
A poor young woman reinvents herself to get revenge on the family of the man she loves. Maricruz fell in love with Octavio; however his snobbish family mistreated her and forced her to run away to Mexico City. A rich man takes her under his wing and transforms her into a successful business woman. Now, with her new identity, wealth and power, Maricruz returns for revenge. Will the love she shared with Octavio be rekindled, and can it tame her vengeful heart?
Doctor Who: The Web of Fear
The Tardis narrowly avoids becoming engulfed in a cobwebby substance in space. It arrives in the London Underground railway system, the tunnels of which are being overrun by the web and by the Great Intelligence's robot Yeti. The Intelligence's goal is to drain the Doctor's mind; can the Doctor sabotage the device before the Intelligence's plan comes to fruition?
Easy Yoga - the secret to strength and balance
Peggy Cappy returns with a new special that will show you how this gentle yoga program can help improve your strength and balance.
The Good Witch's Garden
Cassie Nightingale has settled into Middleton and is busy making a home of Grey House. Her boyfriend, Sheriff Jake Russell, and his kids are happy to have Cassie in the neighborhood, but she has yet to gain the trust of some people in town. Before long, a stranger rolls into town with papers entitling him to legal ownership of Grey House. Before she knows it, Cassie is left without a home and is convinced Middleton isn't where she belongs.
Ken Burns: The Address
A documentary about a Vermont school for boys with learning disabilities who memorize and recite Abraham Lincoln's iconic Gettysburg Address, which he gave 150 years ago this November.
Killer Typhoon
It was the strongest cyclone to hit land in recorded history. On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan -- what some are calling 'the perfect storm' -- slammed into the Philippines, whipping the low-lying and densely-populated islands with 200 mile-per-hour winds and sending a two-story-high storm surge flooding into homes, schools, and hospitals.
Monster High - Frights, Camera, Action!
When Draculaura is led to believe she's the rightful heir to the vampire throne, she and her best ghoulfriends are whisked away to Transylvania for a royal coronation to die for. But they soon discover the hunt for the queen is not over yet. The Ghouls must locate an ancient artifact known as the Vampire's Heart in order to discover the identity of the true Vampire Queen. Could this be the moment when Draculaura finally receives her vampire powers and discovers screams really can come true?
Norman Rockwell's Shuffleton's Barbershop
Trey Cole, a now famous singer, returns to his hometown to find Charlie Shuffleton, a small town barber who acted as a father to Trey when he was a young boy. Though Trey finds that Charlie has died, he is haunted by memories of Charlie which seem to be encouraging him to face his past and make peace with his estranged family.
Seven Warriors
Chinese villagers recruit seven brave mercenary warriors to defend against evil invaders beset on stealing and destroying everything in the city.
The Suspect
A small-town encounters their first armed bank robbery at the exact moment a mysterious stranger appears. With no ID and a combative attitude, the local police struggle to tie the crime to their uncooperative suspect, but the truth is far more complicated.
Tyler Perry's Madea's Neighbors from Hell
Madea's neighborhood takes a turn for the worse when a foster mother moves in with her unruly kids. Suspicious activity leads Madea to take justice into her own hands. With Aunt Bam by her side, Madea uses her unique wit and wisdom for unforgettable results.
Welcome to the Jungle
A group of unsuspecting office workers find themselves stranded on a desert island when a corporate retreat led by unhinged former Marine Storm Rothchild goes horribly wrong. Now Chris and his co-workers must battle nature, and each other, to survive. A hilarious journey into the heart of madness.
WWE - The Best of Raw After the Show
Monday Night Raw, but what happens after the cameras stop rolling? Get a heavy dose of WWE's most colorful Superstars showing off their larger than life personalities, often times shedding their on-camera personas for the sake of pure fun. From beer bashes, birthday celebrations, humorous improv, crowd interaction, and dark matches sure to please the hardcore fan, these are the moments that can only happen in WWE.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with 892 requests.

Black Nativity had 204 requests,
95ers: Time Runners had 143 requests,
Flowers in the Attic had 110 requests,
The Bletchley Circle - Season 2 had 93 requests,
Ripper Street - Season 2 had 87 requests,
Murder on the Home Front had 76 requests,
Mobius had 73 requests,
The Making of a Lady had 61 requests,
Into the Cosmos Collection had 59 requests,
Confession of Murder had 41 requests,
Anger Management - Volume 3  had 38 requests,
The Ultimate Fighter - Season 18 had 19 requests,
7 Days in September had 13 requests, and
The Hidden Art of Islam had 10 requests.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 12 April 2014 through Friday 18 April 2014:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)
    Saturday 4/12/2014:
Clark County Library: Couponing 101
Clark County Library: Saturday Movie Matinee - American Hustle
Clark County Library: For Teens: Recycled Craft Buffet
Centennial Hills Library: Couponing 101
Centennial Hills Library: Digital Bookmobile - West Side eStory!
Las Vegas Library: El Dia de los Ninos / El Dia de los Libros Festival
Sahara West Library: Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3 with Robert Matzen
Summerlin Library: Readers & Writers Corner
Spring Valley Library: Spoken Word - Step up to the MIC!
West Las Vegas Library: Stress Management Community Forum
West Las Vegas Library: For Teens: Uncovered Shadows 2014 - Bringing the shadows of talent to light!
Windmill Library: Saturday Movie Matinee - Frozen
    Sunday 4/13/2014:
Sahara West Library: Fashion Trends - the How, When and Why
Spring Valley Library: Guitar for Amateurs
Spring Valley Library: Spring Valley Book Club
Whitney Library: Whitney Movie Discussion Group
    Monday 4/14/2014:
Spring Valley Library: For Teens: Anime Club
West Charleston Library: AARP Tax Prep Help - LAST CHANCE! Reservations Required
Windmill Library: Health Seminar CANCELLED
    Tuesday 4/15/2014: Happy Tax Day!
Clark County Library: Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou: Dietrich Arrives in America - Blond Venus
Clark County Library: IRS Required Filings for Non-Profits
Sahara West Library: For Teens: Bubbling Lava Lamps
Summerlin Library: Fiber Arts Workshop
West Charleston Library: In the Art Gallery: Sounds of Silk - Artists' Reception
West Charleston Library: Sounds of Silk: Music and Textiles of Ancient Silk Route Cultures
Windmill Library: Zumba Dance Fitness
    Wednesday 4/16/2014:
Mesquite Library: For Teens: Zombie Makup Creation
Sahara West Library: Self Defense Class with Mathew Mercer - CANCELLED
Summerlin Library: Family Lunchtime Movie Matinee: Hotel Transylvania
Whitney Library: For Teens: Bubbling Lava Lamp
Windmill Library: eMedia Downloading 101
    Thursday 4/17/2014:
Clark County Library: Business 101: Getting money for your business
Rainbow Library: For Teens: Teen Thursday
West Charleston Library: Senior Law Series: Foreclosures
    Friday 4/18/2014:
Clark County Library: Drama de la Pasion de Jesus Nazaret
Clark County Library: For Teens: Rubber Band Cars
Laughlin Library: Film - American Hustle

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 15 April 2014:

7 Days in September
In the moments after 9/11 people ran for shelter in lower Manhattan. But a handful of New Yorkers turned to face the towers. In their hands, digital video cameras captured sounds and images few could ever have imagined. Featuring footage shot as early as 10:05 a.m. on the day of the tragedy, it looks at the way 9/11 changed the lives of a firefighter's wife, a Muslim-American woman, an eleven-year-old boy, and many others.
95ers: Time Runners
FBI agent Sally Biggs is obsessed with investigating unsolved cases involving paranormal activities; especially the bizarre disappearance of her scientist husband. She suspects that the mysteries have something to do with the destabilization of time, since Sally herself has the power to rewind history. But she slowly learns that her power is connected to a war in the future, and that she, her husband, and their unborn child become important targets of soldiers travelling from the future.
Anger Management - Volume 3
Charlie is a non-traditional therapist specializing in anger management. He has a successful private practice, holding sessions with his group of primary patient regulars each week, as well as performing pro bono counseling for an inmate group at the state prison. Charlie thrives on the chaos in his life while still battling his own anger issues.
Black Nativity
A holiday musical that follows Langston as he journeys to New York City to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged relatives. Unwilling to live by their imposing rules, a frustrated Langston is determined to return home to his mother, Naima. Langston embarks on a surprising and inspirational journey, and along with new friends and a little divine intervention, he discovers the true meaning of faith, healing, and family.
The Bletchley Circle - Season 2
Four women who worked as codebreakers at Bletchley Park have taken up civilian lives.
Confession of Murder
In a city where murder has a statute of limitations, obsessed detective Choi learns the brutal killer who eluded him years ago has come forward taking credit for the crimes. Can justice be served?
Flowers in the Attic
A gothic story of four siblings who, after the death of their father, are torn from a peaceful life and subjected to abuse resulting from a dark family secret. Abandoned by their mother and forced to endure unimaginable treatment living in the attic of their grandparents' mansion, the children form their own family unit. But as the oldest boy and girl come of age, they are entrapped by their family's sordid past as they try to survive and escape the harsh living conditions.
The Hidden Art of Islam
Muslim belief and tradition specifies that there should be no depictions of God or the Prophet Muhammad. In religious contexts, this constraint on what artists can depict extends to human figures and other living creatures as well. These prohibitions have inspired a rich visual culture based on calligraphy, Arabesque floral designs, and geometry, all of which feature strongly in the art and design found throughout Islam.
The Making of a Lady
During her duties as a lady's companion, Emily meets her employer's nephew, Lord James Walderhurst. Accepting his marriage proposal, Emily finds solace in the company of Walderhurst's nephew and his glamorous wife, after Lord James leaves to rejoin his regiment. Emily, alone with the Osborns, increasingly comes under their control. She begins to fear for her life.
In the high stakes world of espionage, one Russian FSB operative will do whatever it takes to crack an international money laundering operation and American banker, Alice, is the key. The only problem is that he isn't the only one after Alice. Now he must find out who he can trust and use everything he knows in order to get to the truth and bring down a powerful Russian oligarch.
Murder on the Home Front
Set during the London Blitz of 1940, here is a vibrant, original crime drama. This is a world where people live life in the moment. It is also a world where criminals can use the blackout and devastation to hide their darkest activities. As the Luftwaffe drop their bombs, below people are literally getting away with murder.
Ripper Street - Season 2
Haunted by the failure to catch Jack the Ripper, Inspector Edmund Reid is charged with keeping order in the blood-stained streets of Whitechapel. Reid and his men find themselves fighting to uphold justice and the rule of law. But always in the background lurks the gear of the Ripper.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Watch the classic story by James Thurber, about a daydreamer who escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled with heroism, romance, and action. When his job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, Walter takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined.
The Ultimate Fighter - Season 18
UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and number one title contender Miesha Tate serve as coaches in the first ever season of the Ultimate Fighting Championship's long-running reality series to feature women as coaches and cast members. The series follows the teams as they live and train together in preparation for their fights.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s winner with the most requests is a tie:
Homefront and August: Osage County both have 838 requests.

The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug had 751 requests,
Grudge Match had 432 requests,
Paranormal Activity - The Marked Ones had 376 requests,
Best Night Ever had 153 requests,
Earthflight had 54 requests,
Cavemen had 50 requests,
Cocaine Cowboys - Reloaded had 46 requests,
Bear Family and Me had 33 requests,
A Touch of Sin had 29 requests,
Murph - The Protector 27 requests,
Snake & Mongoose had 24 requests,
Norman had 13 requests,
Everyday had 12 requests, and
The Last Time I Saw Macao had 5 requests.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 5 April 2014 through Friday 11 April 2014:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)
    Saturday 4/5/2014:
Clark County Library: Outsmarting Investment Fraud
Rainbow Library: AARP Tax Prep Help - First Come, First Served
West Charleston Library: Caring for a loved one with memory loss - with Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
West Las Vegas Library: 2014 Young Men's Conference
    Sunday 4/6/2014:
Clark County Library: The Art and Artifice of Audiobook Narration, with George Guidall
Centennial Hills Library: Fiction Writing Workshope with Maxwell Alexander Drake
Spring Valley Library: Guitar for Amateurs
    Monday 4/7/2014:
Clark County Library: Free Heart Ultrasound Screenings - ***Reservations Recommended***
Centennial Hills Library: Fiction Writing Workshop with Maxwell Alexander Drake
Sahara West Library: Longevitology - Energy Healing
Sahara West Library: Yoga Flexibility and Balance Class
West Charleston Library: AARP Tax Prep Help - ***Reservations Required***
    Tuesday 4/8/2014:
Clark County Library: Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou: Dietrich Arrives in America - Dishonored
Centennial Hills Library: For Teens: Teen TechArt Studio: Moviemaking Part 3
Enterprise Library: For Teens: Teen TechArt Studio Presents: Learn to DJ!
Las Vegas Library: For Teens: TAG Meeting
West Charleston Library: Reviewing a contract or Lease - What every business owner needs to know (Ask A Lawyer Series)
Windmill Library: Zumba Dance Fitness
    Wednesday 4/9/2014:
Clark County Library: UNLV Jazz Ensembles - Jazz Concert Series
Rainbow Library: AARP Tax Prep Help - First Come, First Served
Sahara West Library: Set yourself up for R.E.A.L. Success!
Windmill Library: Baby Bottles and Budgeting Blues
    Thursday 4/10/2014:
Clark County Library: AARP Tax Prep Help - First Come, First Served
Centennial Hills Library: For Teens: Teen Tech Art Studio: Moviemaking Part 4
Enterprise Library: For Teens: Teen TechArt Studio Presents: Learn to DJ!
Laughlin Library: AARP Tax Prep Help - First Come, First Served
    Friday 4/11/2014:
Enterprise Library: AARP Tax Prep Help ***Reservations Required***
Laughlin Library: Film: Dallas Buyer's Club
Rainbow Library: For Teens: Club Otaku
West Charleston Library: Digital Bookmobile - West Side eStory!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Publishing Decision!

As we all know, eBooks have made the publishing industry radically re-evaluate the old fashioned way of publishing books. They've made a momentous decision. Effective today, no more books will be printed on paper. "The profit margin for old fashioned paper books is just too small" says noted publisher Wilbur Boczek. "eBooks have made us realize that paper is no longer a sustainable printing medium.

In future, we'll either have electronic copies of our books, or we'll be printing on 100% natural bacon. That's good news for the Olivia Spek, the spokesperson for the pork industry. "We've been advocating for expanded uses for our product. " Her assistant, Napoleon Baboy, was quick to add "We're starting a new ad campaign 'Pork - the other Paper'. That's got a nice ring, doesn't it?

"We haven't totally finalized the process, says Arnold Ziffel, head of the Printer's Union. There's a huge discussion about whether to print on raw or cooked bacon. Babe Varken, who works in the publisher's warehouse says "Raw bacon is flexible and easier to pack. The problem is it's extremely perishable. Cooked bacon has a longer shelf life, but is quite fragile."

One concern was there are both vegetarians, and entire religions which would prefer to not be involved with pork. The publishers will have totally separate printing facilities for Turkey Bacon Books, and for TVP (textured vegetable protein) books. Hamm Puerco, Chief Printer, says "We want to be able to cater to all tastes and preferences, and still give everyone the opportunity to totally consume their favorite titles."

Librarian Peppa Tocino is looking forward to the change. "Yes, we'll have to buy a lot more books, as our patrons eat the items they check out. However, we're building in a small profit for each book, so we'll be able to replace the consumed items with even more titles, as people pay for their 'missing' (but delicious) items." Ms Tocino added they were planning to change from classifying books as fiction or non-fiction, and instead shelve books by pork, turkey or TVP. "We've suggested printing the children's books on fruit leather. We think it will be a big day when the kids can graduate to the protein based books."

Nugent Pumphrey, programmer for library computers says "We've re-labeled the old 'lost or missing' category to be 'Lost or consumed.' It just makes more sense. We'll have that change in place by the end of the day. I think that's an appropriate action for the first day of April - don't you?"

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tuesday's New DVD Releases

Here are the DVD releases for next Tuesday, 8 April 2014:

August: Osage County
The dark, hilarious, and deeply touching story of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose lives have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Midwest house they grew up in, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them.
Bear Family and Me
In this absorbing series, renowned wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan learns how to 'walk with bears' with Lynn Rogers, a pioneering biologist, to get as close as can be to these often fearsome beasts. Over the course of a year, the pair follow cheeky young bear Lily, her mother June and their new cubs as they emerge from hibernation in the Minnesota Northwoods.
Best Night Ever
Four friends set off to Las Vegas for a one-night bachelorette party that turns out to be a lot more. Getting kicked out of a strip club, being mugged, and more craziness, places them smack dab in Vegas' seedy underbelly. The girls band together and embark on the wildest, out-of-control, blow-out night in bachelorette party history.
Dean an LA playboy is fed up with one-night stands and empty relationships. With help of best friend Camilla, he's forced to decide between seductive fantasy party girl or the woman who's truly best for him.
Cocaine Cowboys - Reloaded
The true story of how Miami became the drug, murder and cash capital of the United States. Reloaded with never-before-seen footage, interviews, and stories told about Miami's Cocaine Wars, containing recently uncovered archival news footage.
Narrated by David Tennant, this exhilarating adventure was filmed over four years and forty countries with help from camera-carrying birds, drones, paragliders and remote-countrol microflight planes. This wondrous aerial spectacle will make your spirits soar!
While Ian is in prison for drug smuggling, he will only see his wife and four children occasionally. Each member of his family will develop a different relationship with him as he is not there to offer the guidance of a father and husband. By the time he is allowed visits at home, their lives have become forever separated. However, the bonds that hold a family together will keep them forever linked.
Grudge Match
Henry 'Razor' Sharp and Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen are old boxing rivals who come out of retirement for one final match. On their first encounter in decades, their long-festering feud erupts into an unintentionally hilarious melee that instantly goes viral. The sudden social media frenzy transforms their local grudge match into a must-see HBO event. Now, if they can just survive the training, they may actually live to fight again.
The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug
Bilbo Baggins continues on in his journey with the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves, led by Thorin Oakenshield, on an epic quest to reclaim their lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor.
An action-packed thriller about how far one man will go to protect his family. Widowed ex-DEA agent Phil Broker retires to a quiet Southern town with his ten-year-old daughter and discovers that the idyllic setting is riddled with drugs and violence. When a riveting chain of events forces him to face off with psychotic local drug lord Gator Bodine, Broker must retaliate using the fearsome skills he hoped to keep in his past.
The Last Time I Saw Macao
Following a spectacular opening number, a lip-synched rendition of Jane Russell's sultry You Kill Me, the film's hero, in voiceover, sets the tale in motion. He has come to Macao in search of Candy, an old friend who he fears has been kidnapped by a shadowy crime syndicate. He searches the city streets, back alleys, gambling dens, and music halls, but Candy's whereabouts elude him, until a larger, more sinister plot comes into focus.
Murph - The Protector
On June 28th, 2005, during an infamous mountainside battle with Taliban forces, Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy was killed while trying to protect his Navy SEAL team. In 2007, he was posthumously awarded the Medal Of Honor for his bravery, the first every given for combat in Afghanistan. This powerful documentary features interviews with Lt. Murphy's friends, family and teammates, and reveals the remarkable life of the son, brother, neighbor and warrior known to all as 'Murph.'
Norman is a painfully self-conscious and darkly funny teen who's just trying to handle his daily high-school existence. In the wake of a family tragedy, Norman unintentionally gets caught in a lie that quickly spirals out of control. With love, humility and a heavy dose of truth, Norman emerges to face a burning set of conflicting emotions as he wrestles to define his relationship with his dying father, his connection with his classmate Emily, and ultimately who he will be as a young man.
Paranormal Activity - The Marked Ones
The same malevolent demon who claimed Kristi and Katie is back. Jesse starts experiencing several disconcerting and indescribable things after his neighbor's death. As he looks into these occurrences, he discovers that he has been chosen for possession by this malicious demon. It's inevitable that he will be under its control; it's only a matter of time.
Snake & Mongoose
Based on a true story, stunningly chronicles a vintage slice of American culture in the 1960's while simultaneously documenting in compelling and dramatic terms one of the deepest and longest-lasting relationships in the history of sports. This is the untold story of how Southern California drag racers, Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme and Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen combined with corporate giants to change the face of sports and ultimately became the most famous rivalry in racing history.
A Touch of Sin
Inspired by four shocking and true events, the film focuses on four characters who are driven to violent ends. An angry miner, enraged by widespread corruption, decides to take justice into his own hands. A rootless migrant discovers the infinite possibilities of owning a firearm. A young receptionist is pushed beyond her limits by an abusive client. A young factory worker goes from one discouraging job to the next, only to face increasingly degrading circumstances.
Which of these will have the most requests next week?

This week’s release with the most requests is Anchorman 2 - The Legend Continues with 808

The Pirate Fairy had 177 requests,
At Middleton had 152 requests,
Broadchurch - The complete first season had 91 requests,
2 Little Monsters had 87 requests,
Psych - the complete 8th season had 75 requests,
Knights of Badassdom had 66 requests,
UFC 168 - Weidman vs Silva 2 had 40 requests,
The Jesus Film had 39 requests,
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (PBS) had 38 requests,
When Jews were Funny had 37 requests,
Tom & Jerry and Friends - Volume 1 had 27 requests,
Forgetting the Girl had 18 requests, and
Lost Islands had 7 requests.